OTA Account Management

With long experience in contracting with Travel Agencies

Revenue Management

Our experienced team of Revenue Management can offer you the personalized method and set of tools which will lead your property to optimum online sales.

OTA Account Management

Managing Online Travel Agents’ IT systems and working with them is a process that requires time and expertise. Each agency has its own requirements when applying hotel rates and policies, setting up information, special offers, invoicing and payment processes.

Each Online Travel Agent has its own ranking of hotels, which is decisive for the outcome of sales. We make sure that the technical capabilities are properly implemented and continuously monitored. Finally, we know old and emerging OTAs, through which we will achieve the widest possible distribution and therefore wider and stronger visibility of the hotel in B2C sales networks.

B2B Sales

Apart from the classic B2C bookings, where OTA is mediated between the customer and the hotel, there are also B2B sales channels, ie bookings from resellers and wholesalers. We know the key strong sales networks that distribute the hotel’s services to thousands of big and small agencies. Whether they are targeting specific target markets, or work within global range, any cooperation of this kind connects your hotel with their entire network, with just one contract.


Old and new online collaborations often encounter errors during the contract signing process. For us every hotel is unique, something that is not necessarily the case for OTAs which want just a fast new collaboration and might not want to spend the appropriate time and effort. Common mistakes are the incorrect capacity and price per person, the inaccurate description of room types, the lack of extra charges etc.

In OTAs contracts, which are usually multi-paged and in small print, there are terms relating to commission rates, “hidden” charges, dates and methods of payment from the customer to the hotel. Having the experience of signing and modifying the terms, we carry out the entire contract process from the initial expression of interest to negotiating and adapting it to better serve the interests of the hotel.

Yield Management

Managing the profitability is one of the most important pieces of a hotel’s sales strategy. The old traditional way of pricing by subjective predictions is a major risk & cost factor for your property. We keep the data-driven pricing updated, focused on turnover maximization and rates the hotel to the “autopilot”, resulting in the maximization of turnover.

Throughout the season hotels might have empty rooms due to lack of competitiveness, or might be early booked at prices lower than maximum possible if sold at the right time.

With continuous competition analysis, market data, and the use of technology we can plan and propose the most cost-effective policies and direct the guests to book at your hotel, at the right price and at the right time.


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