• Online Strategy

  • We set the strategic goals and design
    the optimum set of practices

  • Implementation

  • We build the hotel’s presence throughout the
    global hotel market

  • Profit Optimization

  • We adjust and optimize the sales & marketing channels
    on daily basis

Web Design for Hotels

We focus on creating sales-effective hotel websites. Our hotel web designs follow a conversion-based strategy.

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Booking Engine

Use a Booking Engine with state of the art technology, up-selling/cross-selling suggestions and user-friendly navigation experience.

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Digital Marketing

You don’t have to be as big and marketing-driven as an OTA to advertise your property. You may use the very same online tools to generate and increase your direct online sales using the best practices of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Social Media Marketing

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Channel Manager

Set your online channels under full control. All of your online availability, rates & reservations are automatically updated with accuracy.

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Revenue Management

Our experienced team of Revenue Management can offer you the personalized method and set of tools which will lead your property to an optimum online sales volume and minimum commission expenses.

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Create your Online Travel Agency

Bring your contracts online with our state-of-the-art platform specially designed for travel agency companies to achieve a 100% OTA function. Its user-friendly reservation system is based on OTA standards το simplify the booking process.

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Clients & Friends


Member Discounts: Costs in addition to commission

For better or worse, Online Travel Agents are an essential partner for the vast majority of hotels. Customers prefer to make reservations from specific websites, which give through filters and maps exactly the product that suits them, and with a guarantee of a better price. To the best price can be added some “member discount”, […]